Discord Hack Relief Fund Instructions

Wall Street Memes
3 min readNov 10, 2023

Every entry will be manually checked against our hacked wallet database, so fake submissions will be discarded.


We’ve set up a fund for anyone affected by the discord hack. If you were affected, please follow the instructions below carefully. We’ll be taking submissions until the 17th of November. Then, we’ll be airdropping legitimate victims the hacked $WSM on the 22nd November.

Things you’ll need in order to claim

  1. Access to your compromised wallet in order to sign a message

2. A ‘clean’ wallet and wallet address that is separate and unaffected by the hack

Watch our video tutorial or follow the guided steps below: https://youtu.be/flqf0k4X0l4

Step 1: Head to etherscan.com and connect your compromised wallet

First, you’ll need to head to etherscan.com and connect your compromised wallet. You can do that be visiting https://etherscan.io/verifiedSignatures# and hitting the ‘sign message’ button, as seen below.

Please note that you should connect your compromised wallet here, not your new wallet.

Step 2: Sign a message from your compromised wallet

Once you’ve hit ‘sign message’ and connected your compromised wallet, you should see a pop up prompting you to sign a message. Please ensure that the address in the first field is your compromised wallet address.

Now that you’ve made sure that your compromised wallet address is connected, copy and paste the below message into the message box, replacing [CLEAN WALLET ADDRESS] with your unaffected wallet address.

This is my new wallet address, and I would like my reimbursement from WSM to go to this wallet address: [CLEAN WALLET ADDRESS]

If you’ve done it correctly it should look something like the below, with your clean wallet address instead of [CLEAN WALLET ADDRESS]. Please double check both wallet addresses.

Once you’re happy, hit the sign message button.

Step 4: Hit publish

After you’ve signed the message, hit publish in the bottom right corner. You’ll then see your message on Etherscan here.

Step 5: Receive your funds to the unaffected wallet address

That’s it! Once you’ve signed the message, our team will cross reference it with the affected wallet addresses and airdrop you your lost $WSM tokens on the 22nd November.